Relationship after baby

So here’s some tea, The bliss of a newborn is beautiful. There is nothing like it but what isn’t talked about is a temporary strain the new dynamic puts on your relationship. You and your significant others love for each other is amplified with this new addition to your family but the hard truth is your relationship may experience some changes during the first year. After talking with a few girlfriends, we all have noticed our similar struggles when it […]

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Ethnicity – I am biracial

So here’s some tea, I am a product of a biracial couple; my mother is Canadian with Irish descent and my father was born and raised in Jamaica. I resemble my mother but have a lot of my father’s features. Such as the caramel complexion, curly hair and dermatosis papulosa nigra (small black or brown moles on the neck and face) Growing up in Toronto, ethnicity was never brought it. Maybe because no one cared but when we moved out […]

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Letter to my daughter- He’s the father I never had

Dear Olessia, One day you’ll be big enough to realize that your father would give you nothing less than the world. Since the day you were born a light has been lit in him that I’ve never seen before. I watched a man become a father. He fell in love with a girl and that girl was you. When you’re three, pull out a chair and invite him for tea parties. He’s been waiting for them ever since he found […]

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