The dreaded sleep regression.

So here’s some tea,

One thing I didn’t know about becoming a mother was sleep regression. I thought once your child starts sleeping through the night you’re in the clear. Oh how I was wrong. In child infancy your little one will go through several sleep regressions.

A sleep regression can be described as a period of time where your baby or toddler sleeping pattern will change abruptly. These changes can include waking up at night, skipping naps or ridiculously short naps. It’s as if you have a newborn again; cognitive and developmental milestones are to blame. This can last between two to six weeks. Therefore if you’re a new parent and you think you’ve achieved the unachievable. Spoiler alert the jokes on you, it’s not over.

These regressions will pop up around these time:

Six weeks

Four months

Eight, nine and ten months (roughly)

Twelves months

Eighteen months

Two years

Tips to get through it

• Extra feedings. I know the idea of more nighttime feedings will make you cringe but it’s not forever.

• Comfort. Your baby will need it through sleep regressions. Hugs and kisses can do no wrong. I’ve read to not create bad habits such as rocking your baby to sleep and etc. But I’m not one to give you advice for that. If I’m tired and want this child to get back to sleep. I will do just about anything to get it done. Note that my little one has never used a pacifier or bottle so I’ve always been her main source of comfort.

• Seek help if the regressions last more than 6 weeks.

• White noise machine works wonders

• Earlier bed time. Naps will be missed and to avoid over tired tears, see if your little one will go down for the night earlier.

You’ll be tired and frustrated but imagine how your child feels. Put yourself in their shoes, socks or booties. They’re growing, minds are racing like crazy and now having trouble sleeping. They’ve learned something new such as crawling or walking and it’s overwhelming. Be patient it’s not forever. Pour yourself another cup of coffee and you can do this. Personally we are going through the twelve month sleep regression at the moment. Therefore Olessia is skipping naps and attached to the boob at night. I look like I was hit by a bus but it’s almost done … that’s what I keep telling myself. Until we hit the eighteen month mark and it starts all over again.

Anyone have any other sleep regression tips?Share share!


Babies & their milestones

So here’s some tea,

The years you spend focusing on yourself are long gone and the main event is the creature you created. Being a mom isn’t for the faint hearted, It’s more than just making sure everyone is clean and fed.

You constantly worry about if your child is hitting their development milestones required for his or her age group. Trust me since the day Olessia was born, it has been on my mind constantly.

Luckily Olessia was one of those babies that sped through her milestones early on from rolling over to crawling. She even had a good set of teeth by 8 months.

When people say they’re jealous I just laugh. Trust me having a baby with all those teeth isn’t fun. I say it all the time, if you got bit by this barracuda on the nipple you’d think differently.

The one thing I worried about was her waving ‘hi and bye’ which is stated should happen at the 10 month mark. Olessia didn’t seem to care about waving. Instead she rather you call her cute and wave at her. Eventually she started to wave (she’s out here looking like Queen Victoria) but she doesn’t wave very often. I thought since she did everything fast, that motor skill would come quick too. It didn’t but it did ended up coming right on schedule.

( one of the milestone chart I’ve referred too)

Every child is different, they progress at different rates and eventually they will get to the stage they need to get to.

Olessia just started taking her first steps the other day. Every day is another step which makes me cry! She’s no longer my little baby she’s becoming a toddler right before my eyes. Eh some babies walk early or later on, it’s hard to tell but there is nothing wrong with that.

One thing that bugs me is that everyone compares kids. ‘My son already is walking, my daughter is saying more words’. Congradufuckinglations this isn’t the Miss Congeniality pageant for babies. The best baby doesn’t take home a golden bottle and a cash prize of a college tuition. It’s okay for your baby to take their time developing and it’s okay if they’re fast too, it doesn’t change anything. If you’re bragging about your baby to make someone else feel bad about their own kid; you suck! That negativity isn’t welcome in our hood… motherhood!

Remember developing is hard on babies and it can cause sleepless nights when they’ve discovered something new. If you’re worried about your little ones development or something seems off, seek a medical professional. You know your little one best !