Mom fail Fridays!

So here’s some tea, Introducing mom fail Fridays ! Yes we all act like we are perfect blah blah blah but there are times when we aren’t. Instead of taking ourselves so seriously and beating ourselves up about it, we need to laugh it off. Here’s a recent fail of my own. I love doingContinue reading “Mom fail Fridays!”

Postpartum body

So here’s some tea, If you aren’t a fan of TMI this is probably not a post for you! Just keeping it real here. This post is my appreciation for our postpartum bodies. Our bodies are beyond remarkable, we create life for Pete’s sake. I like to think of us as some underrated superheroes. CallContinue reading “Postpartum body”


So here’s some tea, The stigma on co-sleeping is saddening. The idea in which a mother makes a decision to sleep with her infant gets so much hate and criticism its disgusting. It’s such a taboo subject that mothers keep it a secret to avoid the judgement or the unsolicited “advice” “Aren’t you afraid you’reContinue reading “Co-sleeping”

The chronicles of the human cafeteria

  So here’s some tea, Do not for a second think breastfeeding is easy nor a something that comes naturally with motherhood. It is bloody, messy and hard! When I found out I was pregnant, I knew for a fact I was going to breastfeed. I didn’t think that it might not be that easyContinue reading “The chronicles of the human cafeteria”