Hello darlings,

Welcome! I’m Martikka


I’m from Canada but have lived in Ireland for a bit during college too. I have a degree in Criminal Justice and loves crime documentaries. Which I have to sneak to watch nowadays at bed time.  I’m a tattooed millennial mom of one precious little girl.  My daughter Olessia has been nothing but a shinning light and main attraction on my bumpy journey through motherhood.

I have a deep passion for creating things. From our monthly pictures to writing unpublished novels. I’ve been learning to sew and perfecting the ability of cooking one handed with a baby in the other. Life is easier when to throw in a bit of chaos and creativity.

Tea with teeks is my own personal journal through tough stages of motherhood and daily life. No filter, spilling real tea about things no one quite talks about. During my early weeks as a mom, I found myself googling many questions that I could never find the answers to. I hope I address some of these here while keeping things completely transparent.

I hope you enjoy!

Cheers xo



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