Dear Mr. Sandman…

So here’s some tea,

A few months ago I created a few little rhyming stories to read to Olessia. This one seems to be her favourite and I thought I’d share 🙂

Dear Mr Sandman,

I’m all ready for bed

I’ve thrown on some pjs

you know the ones with the sleds

Daddy gave me a kiss and tucked me in tight

To prepare me for dreamland when he turns off the light

When I close my eyes what will I see?

Maybe some dragons or pirates or thieves

Or even some pandas playing in leaves

Oh the possibilities if you only just believe

So Mr Sandman can you bring me a dream?

Bring me the craziest that I’ve ever seen

talking dinosaurs?

flying pigs?

or fairy princesses in crowns made of twigs

If I don’t say thank you before I fall to sleep

I’ll meet you in dreamland by the cotton candy sheep …

Love Mommy & Olessia


Published by Teawithteeks

Walking through motherhood with no filter

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