Letter to my daughter- He’s the father I never had

Dear Olessia,

One day you’ll be big enough to realize that your father would give you nothing less than the world. Since the day you were born a light has been lit in him that I’ve never seen before. I watched a man become a father. He fell in love with a girl and that girl was you.

When you’re three, pull out a chair and invite him for tea parties. He’s been waiting for them ever since he found out about you. I never had that…

When you’re five, ask him to walk you to school. His hand might be big and a bit rough but hold on tight, his grasp is the safest place I know. I never had that….

When you’re ten and someone is mean to you, talk to him. He has the best shoulders lean on and he has great advice. I never had that…

When you’re twelve and you get your first period it’s okay; send him to go get you pads. Trust me he knows what they are and he’s not grossed out by it. I never had that…

When you’re sixteen and he spoils you for your birthday. Be grateful my dear he works hard to make sure you’re taken care of. He loves you more than you know. I never had that…. (I actually got a late text saying he forgot about my birthday)

When you’re eighteen and you’re headed off to college. Call him once in a while, even just to say hello. There’s no voice he’s love to hear more than yours. I never had that….

When you’re twenty and you think you’re a grown woman don’t forget you’ll always be his little girl. I never had that….

I have never felt a father’s love like that. I felt neglected, betrayal and disappointment all my life. I was a girl seeking a father’s love that was unattainable. Your father my dear is the opposite. You will always be his top priority and the best thing he’s ever done in this world. So my dear love him, cherish and respect him. He’s a good one … I never had that.


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  1. Rob, every day I look at you and I’m grateful as hell that you’re in sister life and my nieces Father. You truly think about your/our family before yourself and you know our past …. OUR FAMILY NEEDED SOMEONE LIKE YOU TO KEEPS US TOGETHER

    Thank you Rob for everything you’ve done and I love you like brother

    1. 💛💛💛💛

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