Teething Part 1

So here’s some tea,

Believe me when I say I’m no expert when it comes to teething. I rather give birth again than deal with whole teething phase. I know your reaction to that statement. Every time I say that a mom cringes inside! The birth of my daughter wasn’t horrendous, so teething is high up on the charts of insufferable for me.

On my end it’s not just the sleepless night that are tough but it’s the pain my little one is in. That being said, I should probably inform you that by the time she reached the age of 8 months she already had 8 teeth. Which baffled everyone even myself. Other children her age maybe had one tooth, I was beyond confused. I began looking online finding charts on top of charts, which pointed out different ages in which certain teeth should emerge. Olessia was past that, way past that. Its really true, when it comes to development phases every child is different.

(One of the charts I referred to)

The mornings and nights were both rough, Its sad to say but I questioned my patience as a mother. The late night cluster feedings accompanied with being used as a human pacifier was draining. Eventually she got use to the pain, until her canines started to peek their way through. They have been on their way for a month now… not just one but all four of them, so you could imagine the grumpy child I have on my hands. Therefore if she can find something to bite she will. Not in the sense to be a brat but just to ease the pain. It could a toy, your hair, your chin or her damn crib.

Don’t get me started on breastfeeding a full fledge barracuda. My nipples will never be the same.

For the early stages of teething I found Camilla worked wonders on her fussiness and irritability. Which is a homeopathic remedy for teething symptoms such a restlessness, irritability, runny nose and diarrhea. At almost 11 months now it still helps calm her but not so much with relieving the pain.

I’ve also tried the amber necklace on her but to be honest I’m not a big fan. It’s mostly meant for pain and drooling I believe. I didn’t find it did anything for pain and since her teeth came in so quick there was hardly any drool. So that remedy was a bust.

I’ve tried everything from frozen face cloths to different cold teething toys. The only thing that seemed to do the trick for us was frozen teething toys and ice in munchkins fresh mesh food holders.

Teething is hard on your little stinker. You’re not sure if their runny nose is a cold or the screaming is something you’re doing wrong. Trust me the words “I give up” and a little of baby Tylenol happened a few times.

To think this is only the beginning scares me. I heard the molars are torture. Should I wish for luck or should I prepare for more sleepless nights by becoming a full throttle mombie?

Typical teething symptoms she had:


Runny noise


Ear pulling

Rubbing mouth




Things that eased her pain:


Frozen teethers

Munchkins fresh food feeder

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